sambaTurn your iDevice into a smart wireless mobile external disk drive.
Use your iPhone,iPad or iPod as a shared network disk drive.
Share, copy, and backup your files to and from your PC / Mac / Linux / or any other device.
Very easy to use!
HOWTO (Sharing Files)
1. Connect your device to WiFi network
2. Click the Share icon and enable sharing
3. Connect from your PC using File Browser as described in the share tab
4. Accept the new connection on your device
5. Use GUEST account if prompt by your File Browser
6. Copy files from/to your device
- Transfer files from/to your PC running Windows or from/to your Mac/Linux using the built in SMB(Samba) protocol.
- Copy your favorite photos wirelessly using Wi-Fi.
- Browse locally on your device and see your saved files.
- Open your saved photos, music or save PDF documents with the built in viewers.
- Delete or Email your saved files from the app or from your PC.
- Search for files from the app or from your PC.
- Use your iPhone/iPad/iPod as a streamer to stream your saved files.
- Work flawlessly with any OS that supports SMB protocol
- Support unlimited number of files or folders
- Support unlimited file size
- Support unicode file names or folder names from any language
- Backup your files
- Copy Files to Friends
- Use it at work
- Archive Software, Movies, Games
- Keep important Documents
- USB Drive
- Copy your favorite photos wirelessly
- Stream your files directly from your device

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