Blue-Connect – Allows you to connect and disconnect your Bluetooth devices quickly. You can also turn on/off your Bluetooth device with a single click.

Blue-Connect list your paired Bluetooth devices. You can select a Bluetooth device from the list and click to connect or disconnect it.

Quickly connect/disconnect your Bluetooth earphone or your car hands free Bluetooth phone.

The iPhone/Ipad Setting app does not have an easy way to disconnect a Bluetooth device.

In order to see the list of “Paired Devices” you first need to pair those devices in the iPhone/iPad/iPod Settings app.
Go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> Now you can pair a new device.
Blue-Connect will show your already paired devices when you open the app.

Use Bluetooth to chat with other nearby users.
Very useful when WiFi hotspot is unavailable.

Use Bluetooth to communicate with other users in a simple way. Support iPhone (Including 3G), iPod and iPad.

If you encounter a problem or you have a question regarding Bluetooth Utility please feel free to contact us at
We will assist you ASAP!

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  • Kim (11 years)

    Would be great if I could assign a name to each of my Bluetooth devices. Many just have letters and it is hard to keep them straight. Otherwise, the app works great for me. Thank you, Kim

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