Bluetooth Chatting

Switch Bluetooth on/off with a single click.

To turn Bluetooth on/off just enable/disable the switch in the application.

Use “Quick Mode” to turn on/off the Bluetooth just by clicking on the application icon. (The app will open and close immediately after changing the Bluetooth state)

Version 1.1 includes a timer to control the time the Bluetooth will be turned off.

****** VERY IMPORTANT ******
Some of the reviews mentioned that version 1.1 removed the Bluetooth shortcut. It is not true.
Version 1.1 works the same as version 1.0. You can still turn ON/OFF the Bluetooth with a single click. The Bluetooth shortcut was moved from the iPhone Settings to the app itself.
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Allows you to chat with other nearby users using Bluetooth.
Very useful when WiFi hotspot is unavailable.

Use Bluetooth to communicate with other users in a simple way. Support iPhone (Including 3G), iPod and iPad.

Coming soon:

*** Multiple chats
*** Photos in chat
*** Voice chat

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