If you regularly forget your iPhone in silent mode (muted) then this app is for you!
*** Can be used to replace a broken silent switch. ***


SilentAlert alerts you that your phone is muted in 3 cases:

  1. When your switch stays silent for specific time.
  2.  When you leave the location where it was muted.
  3. On arrival to specific locations.

If your switch is muted and you set the reminder time to 30 minutes (default) then you will be alerted every 30 minutes that your switch is muted with the total mute time. A badge with the total time will be added to the application icon. In case you switch back to ring mode the alert will be cancelled.

You can set alert by distance. You can set the distance to 1 , 2 or 5 km. When you are on the move and the distance between the location you muted the phone and your current location is more than the distance parameter an alert will be displayed with the time your phone was muted.

You can also add specific locations to alert you if your phone is muted.

The application uses “Location Services” with minimum power usage. The application runs in the background after closing it.
Please make sure to accept the popup message asking you about your current location.
Location Services must be enabled in order to keep the application running in the background.
The application must be started after reboot.

Battery Disclaimer:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

When you open the application you will see the switch status (Ring or silent). You can issue a refresh to refresh the display.
You can use the Ring switch to mute or un-mute your phone. (Toggles between silent and ring modes)

You can change the app Settings by clicking on the i icon at the bottom of the screen.

In the Settings page you can change the “Alert Me Every” x minutes. (Or None to disable timer alerts)

You can enable/disable vibration when alert is displayed on your phone.

You can change the “Alert Me On Move After” (in kilometers) to 1, 2 , 5 km. (Or None to disable distance reminder)

You can add new locations using the “Alert Me On Location”. Once you open it, you can add new locations using the + sign.
Name your location, enable/disable it and add the location coordinates by opening the map.
You can search for new location by putting the name of the location in the Address field.
SilentAlert will alert you in case your phone is muted in those locations.

You can also enable RingToggle shortcut from the Settings app. When RingToggle shortcut is enabled, clicking on the SilentAlert application icon will immediately toggle between Ring and Silent modes.

Prerequisites: IOS4 and above, iDevice with multitasking and navigation support.

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