Important for iOS 13: To disable AutoSilent VOIP calls please open Phone app and click on the i icon at the right of the AutoSilent call.

Scroll down and click on Block this caller.


AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod) during meetings or at selected locations.Autosilent synchronizes with your calendars and automatically silents your iDevice during meetings. AutSilent automatically re-sets your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode at the end of the meeting.

AutoSilent is a location based application. It can detect your current location and mute your iDevice automatically when you are at School or at the University.
AutoSilent will set your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode when you leave those places.
Don’t miss an important call because you forget to un mute your phone.
Don’t be embarrassed by alerts that go on while you are in a meeting. Let Autosilent do the job for you.


  • Calendar Tab – This tab shows you the next meeting that AutoSilent will automatically mute your iDevice
  • Locations Tab – Lists locations where AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice. You can click on any of the location rows and make modifications.
  • Calendar Silent: enables or disables mute for calendar events.
  • Location silent: enables or disables mute for Location events.
  • Ring/Silent Notification: Enables or disables notification alerts whenever iDevice changes its mode from mute to un mute and vice versa.


Next Silent Event: Specifies the number of days to look forward for the next Silent event in your calendar(s). (Defaults to 7 days)
Location Radius: Specifies the radius where AutoSilent checks for location events. (Defaults to 500 meters)
Calendar: Selects the calendar to check for calendar events. (Defaults to ALL calendars)

To activate AutoSilent you need to click on the icon. AutoSilent will continue to run in the background after closing it.
To stop Autosilent from running in the background you need to delete it from the Multitasking Bar. To activate AutoSilent again just click on the icon again.
Please note that AutoSilent will NOT start automatically after reboot of the device, so you need to start it again manually.

Prerequisites: IOS4 and above, iDevice with multitasking and navigation support.

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