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SVSegmentedControl – A UISwitch-like segmented control for your iOS app.


SVSegmentedControl is an excited thing that helps you create a nice segmented control for your iPhone app.

I have just used it in one of my coming apps and i decided to share it with you guys!
And there is more, i improved it a little bit  and brought a new feature!!
You can also use images as section titles, not only simple strings as it used to be.

You are more than welcome to check it out.


GeneralInfo – silent/ring your iPhone


GeneralInfo is a new AppStore application which allows you to silent/ring your iPhone,
just like the left side button in your iPhone does!

If your side button is broken this can really help you (instead of paying a lot for fixing this
button you can just buy GeneralInfo from the AppStore).


FindFile 1.0-01 is released!


FindFile 1.0-01 is now out!

Find out more…

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