*** The app was removed from App Store.

*** SilentAlert replaces it. ***

GeneralInfo displays information on your iPhone, iPod or iPad devices. GeneralInfo also displays your current Ring mode (e.g. Ring or Silent) and also lets you toggle between Ring and Silent modes. It includes Memory and disk statistics, Processor information, list of running processes and general information like: Battery, IP address, MAC Address, device name and iOS version.
You can also enable RingToggle shortcut from the Settings app. When RingToggle shortcut is enabled, clicking on the GeneralInfo application icon will immediately toggle between Ring and Silent modes.


  • Replaces the original ring/silent switch
  • Useful when your side ring/silent button is broken
  • Shows memory and disk information
  • Shows processor information
  • Shows running processes information
  • Shows Battery, IP Address and iOS Version

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