Cydia Apps

FindFile is a file manager and viewer that is running under user root.
FindFile allows you to navigate through the iPhone/iPod Touch file system.
You can view or edit files directly from FindFile.
Using Findfile you can: create, delete, copy, paste, cut, rename and email via Apple MobileMail.

AddCallHistory helps you to add calls which haven’t occurred into the iPhone’s call history. Also, AddCallHistory helps you to delete single calls from the iPhone’s call history, and you can also update calls from your iPhone’s call history. The idea is to fool your friends into thinking they missed your call or you missed their call.

AppStore Apps

SilentAlert (*** replaces GeneralInfo ***) alerts you that your phone is muted

If you regularly forget your iPhone in silent mode (muted) then this app is for you!
*** Can be used to replace a broken silent switch. ***

iGotYou lets you identify intruders with alarm, photo and GPS.
After opening the application and clicking on the “Lock Me” tab your phone will be monitored for intruders.
iGotYou will continue running in the background when closed. iGotYou is configured to play an alarm when running in the background.

The Foolish Test is an extremely entertaining game play, with over 30 steps of smart, quick, creative and trick questions, with fun characters and sound effects. It is fun to pass to friends and family. You can submit your best score. Can be played on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.


*** GeneralInfo was removed from the App Store

*** SilentAlert replaces it. ****

GeneralInfo displays information on your iPhone, iPod or iPad devices. GeneralInfo also displays your current Ring mode (e.g. Ring or Silent) and also lets you toggle between Ring and Silent modes. It includes Memory and disk statistics, Processor information, list of running processes and general information like: Battery, IP address, MAC Address, device name and iOS version.

AutoSilent automatically mutes your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod) during meetings or at selected locations.
Autosilent synchronizes with your calendars and automatically silents your iDevice during meetings. AutSilent automatically re-sets your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode at the end of the meeting.
AutoSilent is a location based application. It can detect your current location and mute your iDevice automatically when you are at School or at the University.
AutoSilent will set your iDevice back to Regular/Ring mode when you leave those places.
Don’t miss an important call because you forget to un mute your phone.
Don’t be embarrassed by alerts that go on while you are in a meeting. Let Autosilent do the job for you.

Bluetooth Chatting Switch Bluetooth on/off with a single click.

To turn Bluetooth on/off just enable/disable the switch in the application.

Use “Quick Mode” to turn on/off the Bluetooth just by clicking on the application icon. (The app will open and close immediately after changing the Bluetooth state)

Version 1.1 includes a timer to control the time the Bluetooth will be turned off.

****** VERY IMPORTANT ******
Some of the reviews mentioned that version 1.1 removed the Bluetooth shortcut. It is not true.
Version 1.1 works the same as version 1.0. You can still turn ON/OFF the Bluetooth with a single click. The Bluetooth shortcut was moved from the iPhone Settings to the app itself.
If you have questions please feel free to contact us at

Blue-Connect – Allows you to connect and disconnect your Bluetooth devices quickly. You can also turn on/off your Bluetooth device with a single click.

Blue-Connect list your paired Bluetooth devices. You can select a Bluetooth device from the list and click to connect or disconnect it.

Quickly connect/disconnect your Bluetooth earphone or your car hands free Bluetooth phone.

The iPhone/Ipad Setting app does not have an easy way to disconnect a Bluetooth device.

Easy Launch – Create your own applications reminders.

Create reminders for speed dial, SMS, Email, or custom actions.

Launch your reminders with a single click.
Call a friend, send SMS, post on Tweeter or Facebook according to schedule time or by location.

Wouldn’t it be cool not to forget to SMS your friend when you leave work, or speed dial your friend when you get back home?
With Easy Launch it is possible!


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